If you have 4 or more items in your order, feel free to call in and we’ll have it ready for you to pick up at the register.  You can also call or text with any questions! 907-687-2456

Pita Falafel:

Pita filled with falafel, hummus, tahini and your choice of fresh vegetables

Whole: $8.50   Whole wheat: $9.50

Half:    $5.00    Whole wheat: $5.25

Pita Hummus:

Pita filled with hummus

and your choice of fresh vegetables

Whole: $8.00  Whole wheat: $9.00

Half:     $4.75   Whole wheat: $5.00

Pita Scramble:

Just like the Pita Falafel but with scrambled eggs instead of the falafel balls

Whole: $8.50   Whole wheat: $9.50

Half:     $5.00   Whole wheat: $5.25

No Pita Falafel:

Get it gluten free.

The Pita Falafel served on a plate. No pita.

Whole:     $8.50

Half:         $5.00

Your choice…

When you order a pita you will be offered

a choice of fresh vegetables:


marinated cabbage







harif (spicy sauce)

We recommend “the works” but if you don’t want everything, just tell us which veggies to leave out. If you want the harif you can also tell us to put a lot or just a touch.


Tofu mushroom peanut

cup:            $4.50

Falafel Side:   

5 falafel balls with choice

of sauces: $3.25


Turkish coffee:        $3.50

Walnut baklava:      $3.25

Coffee & baklava:    $6.00


Water, regular soda: $1.00

Natural soda:             $1.75             

Take Away:

Hummus, 8 oz:            $5.00

Labane, 8 oz:                $5.00

Tahini, 4 oz:                  $3.00

Harif, 4 oz:                    $3.00

5 Pitas, white:               $5.50

5 Pitas, ww:                   $6.00

15 Frozen falafels:        $6.50

Turkish coffee: Ground with cardamom

250 gr.     $13.00

500 gr.     $23.00

A little snack for little kids:

If you have a tot with you who just needs something to nibble while you eat your falafel, we’ll fix them a mini portion.   $2.50